What to consider when hiring a roofing company

Are you looking to renovate your roof? It is arguably the most important part of your house so you need to ensure it is done to the very highest standards; keeping you safe from extreme weather whilst keeping your house energy efficient.

To get the best job, you will need to hire a professional – but how can you tell who to use? Just like hiring any contractor, the first thing you should look for is a company that has experience within the industry. A company that has been around a while will allow you to research and examine their past projects and read customer reviews.

When you have a shortlist of potential candidates, speak to each one to get a feel of who they are and whether they are able to complete the work required. Whilst money should not be the deciding choice, get a quote from three or four to give you an idea of what the job should cost. You should also ensure you are aware of any hidden costs that might occur and a rough idea of how long it will take to complete the work.

When you have this together, make sure you have it all in writing so you will not be stung by anything at the end of the work. You should also ensure that your contractor will be taking care of all relevant licencing and insurance requirements needed for the renovation.

One final thing to look for when conducting a roofing project is the warranty that your contractor offers. You would want them to offer both workmanship and manufacturer warranty; ensuring that any installation mistakes or defective materials are covered and your house will always be safe and secure.


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