Detecting a leak in your flat roof

Detecting a leak in your flat roof

There is no bigger purchase in our lifetime than buying a property. It is a huge moment in anyone’s life and often the culmination of many years hard work. It takes a lot of effort to get there and there can be nothing more disheartening than discovering that a minor fault is causing a problem to your pride and joy.

A frequent problem many homes face is a leaking roof, but it can be difficult to detect problem until it is too late. If you think you might have a leaking roof, there are a number of ways to detect the area at fault;

The roof:

Keeping an eye on the area itself is an important way to assess how serious a problem is. You need to check the roof when it is dry and if you notice that there are still wet patches around this could be the cause of your initial leak. Check the area for loose tiles too.


Gaps and cracks in your roof are one of the most common causes for a leaking flat roof, check the entire area to see if water accumulation has caused corrosion or if any materials have broken or have holes in them.


Seams are another common fault in flat roofs so check the entire area to see if water is seeping in through the seams and damaging your property.

If you have checked the entire flat roof and you still cannot find the cause for the leak, then it is time to call in the professionals. There is nothing that we have not seen over the years so we will be able to help you locate, and fix, the problem.


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