The importance of removing snow and de-icing your roof and gutters

Winter is well and truly here. That means the days are getting colder and the chance of snow and ice is increasing. If you are living in an area prone to wintery conditions, then you need to know the importance of keeping your roofing and gutter network as clear as possible.

Keeping your roof de-iced and clear of snow might seem like a chore but it is incredibly important to maintain the integrity of it and reduce the risk of significant damage. On average, a square foot of roofing is designed to hold between 15-20 pounds of weight – however a cubic foot of snow can weigh up to 15 pounds; meaning your roof is facing a significantly larger amount of weight than it was designed to.

This is a slightly generic overview and it does depend on the pitch of you roof, the materials used and the structural design of your home; however it is still always a good idea to remove any built up snow and ice.

To remove it, there are certain tools out there to help you. One useful tool is a snow rake; working much like a standard garden rake except it has an extra-long handle that helps you to drag the snow off your roof safely. Another option is to use a chemical solution which helps to break down the ice and snow safely. Calcium Chloride Tablets are a popular choice for many home owners.

To stop a dangerous build up, there are a number of preventative measures that you can implement into your roof to stop you needing to clean your roof. These include adding heated cables into the roof, helping to improve the slightly less insulated areas of your roof and reducing the amount of snow and ice that can build up.

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