Extend the lifespan of your roof with these simple steps

Installing a new roof to your property is a huge expense that no homeowner will want to face if they can avoid it. Yet, despite the cost to replace or repair a roof, many homeowners do not focus on extending the lifespan of their existing structure.

With some simple and regular maintenance duties, you will be able to maximize your roof’s longevity and keep it as healthy as possible:

Clean your gutters

This might seem a simple tip, but ensuring that your gutters are operating as efficiently as possible will prevent any blockages. When they become blocked, water begins to pool on the roof, and the weight can cause significant structural damage, so ensuring your gutters are clear from debris will allow water to flow freely through them.

Remove debris

You should not just keep your gutters clear, but focus on ensuring that your entire roof is free from debris and organic growth such as moss. By doing so, you will be keeping the materials of your roof in the very best condition.

Vent your attic

During the warm summer months, the temperature in your attic can climb very high, which places a significant amount of pressure on your roof. Increasing the airflow through the house will help to reduce this temperature and prevent any moisture build-up.

The best way to ensure that your roof is remaining in the very best condition, however, is to carry out an annual inspection by a professional roofing firm. This will ensure that any potential problems or causes for concern are spotted in advance and can be fixed before they cause significant damage.


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