Why Roof Coating is Important

To protect your business or home from water damage and leaks, you need a quality roof. However, roofs require regular maintenance and they have to be replaced after some time because they do not last forever.

The practical way to protect your roof from damage and prolong its lifespan is by making use of quality roof coating. Even though roof coatings do not offer a permanent solution, they have gained traction because of environmental issues and strict building codes.

Roof coating reduces environmental impacts while offering maintenance and repair opportunities to home and business owners. The major aim of roof coating is for sustainability improvement and damage prevention. However, they also improve the appearance of the property and incr4ease the lifespan of the roof.

In this post, we will discuss roof coatings and their benefits. Let’s get to it, shall we?

What Are Roof Coatings?

Roof coatings are used to protect and extend the life span of existing roof coverings like metal, single ply membranes, BUR, and modified bitumen. They are thicker than paint and they have a high solid content formulated to protect the roof from effects of the environment and weather. Roof coatings are built to provide lonf0term protection. They are very elastic because of the high amount of resin they contain.

Roof coatings maintain their elastic properties all through its life cycle because of the volume of high-quality resins initiated during manufacturing. These coatings also have waterproofing capabilities and they also bridge cracks found on the roof. Roof coatings are applied in multiple gallons per 100 sq. ft. unlike paint which is applied in gallon portions per 100 sq. ft.

Types of Roof Coatings

Different types of roof coatings exist with benefits for different roof types.

The most common roof coating types include asphalt coatings, acrylic coatings, silicone coatings, and polyurethane coatings. Each of these coatings has pros and cons with some better suited for some roof types than others.

Reasons why Roof Coatings are Important

Roof coatings are applied to roofs of different buildings (suburban, commercial, and industrial) to prolong the roof’s lifespan by preventing physical, chemical, and water damage. This, in turn, will save the owner of the building lots of money.

Some roof coatings are extremely waterproof and they help to keep the interior of the building dry. Highlighted below are the reasons why roof coatings are beneficial.

Prolonged Roof Life-span

Constant exposure of roofs to harsh weather and environmental elements will take a toll on its effectiveness. As a result of this, the lifespan of the roof will decrease tremendously without regular maintenance.

Proper maintenance and repairs must be done on the roof before the application of the coatings. This will help in preserving the roof and it is more affordable than a complete roof replacement.

Roof coatings serve as a barrier between the elements and your roof. Most of them are waterproof and reflective which helps in protecting the roof from leaks and slowing down the effects of the sun rays on the roof. Roof coatings also help to reduce the temperature of the roof and protect it from weathering.

Improved Aesthetics

The roof of your building has to be in good condition as it contributes largely to the general aesthetics of the building. The sun is one of the reasons why the roof of building lose their color and appeal.

When you notice your roof is aging and its components are fading away, it is important to contact a contractor because a potentially damaged roof is not visually appealing. With the use of roof coatings, your roof will remain aesthetically pleasing all year round.

With these coatings, your roof will never look worn down. They are different coating colors you can use which will help in the overall maintenance and restoration of your building’s roof. The value of your property will increase when your roof looks pristine and shiny.

Saves Energy

The reflective and emissive properties of roof coats can help reduce your energy bills by reflecting the sun rays rather than absorbing the heat like traditional roofs.

These properties reduce the temperature of the room by keeping it cooler. They reduce the work on your HVAC system, thus reducing consumption of energy.

The Eco-Friendly Option

Replacement and installation of new roofs result in a large amount of waste and debris dumped in landfills. A report stated that more than 30% of the construction waste that enters the landfills are from roofing debris.

By making use of roof coatings to extend the life span of roofs, you can cut down the amount of debris and waste generated. Majority of the roof coatings used are non-toxic so there are no detrimental issues caused by its use on building occupants and the environment

Climate Management

Most roofs especially commercial roofs handle a high amount of adverse weather conditions at different times. However, it is essential to note that there is a limit the roofs can withstand before they give out.

Heat and UV rays have a detrimental effect on roofing as increases exposure results in the wearing and tearing of the roofing components. Leaving your roofs to withstand these unfavorable weather conditions will result in a decrease in its lifespan.

You must apply protective coatings to the roofs of your building as it will help protect the roof from these weather conditions. Coated roofs also protect the roofing from acid rain and decrease its chances of corrosion.

To Wrap It Up

Every roofing regardless of whether it is residential or industrial needs to be protected from the elements. What better way is there to do this than by introducing roof coatings? With roof coatings, you save money and extend the lifespan of your roof. Roof coatings also are not as expensive as roof replacement or installation and they help you save money from energy bills.

If you want to coat your roof, it is recommended that you go for a skilled professional. For optimum effects, the roof coating must be done well which is why an experienced contractor is needed.


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