Three Tips to Protect Your Roof This Winter

As the winter edges closer and the colder weather begins to take hold, the last thing that will want to experience is an issue with your roof. Leaks or structural issues can be incredibly frustrating and costly, so to keep your roof in the best condition possible, we have put together our top three tips to get your roof ready for winter:

1) Remove any debris

During the winter and colder weather, your property will face stronger winds and wetter weather, which can dislodge any dirt or debris that has built up over the summer months. To keep your roof in the best condition possible, you should clean out any debris that could lead to your gutters becoming blocked.

If water is not able to flow through your guttering, it will begin to pool on your roof, which can then lead to leaks. If left too long, the water can start to cause your foundations to rot and weaken.

2) Repair any damage

As you are cleaning your roof, keep a close eye out for any signs of wear or tear that could lead to issues at a later date. If you notice any missing shingles or signs of a leak, get them repaired as soon as possible to ensure your home is protected throughout the winter.

3) Trim back any trees

If you have trees overhanging your roof, then make sure that you trim these back before the winter weather sets in. This will prevent them from causing you any issues should they break.

Are you looking to give your roof a winter health check? Our highly experienced and talented team provides a range of services, including emergency repair and reroofing, for both residential and commercial clients. Want to find out more? Get in touch with our team today!


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