Protecting your roof from storm damage

With summer just around the corner, for many people in America it means the arrival of hurricane season. Even if you’re not living in an area prone to hurricanes, summer storms are always a risk and those high winds and heavy rain can cause significant damage to your property.

You will want to ensure that your home is adequately protected against being damaged by a storm and starting with your roof is one of the most important aspects – after all, your roof is what’s keeping the rain off your family’s head!

One of the first things you should do to protect your roof is to trim any foliage and overhanging trees that might be covering areas. Whilst having that large tree looking over your roof is picture perfect, in a storm those branches could come crashing down and cause significant damage to your property.

Equally as important is ensuring your gutters are kept clean. When leaves and debris build up, they can create a blockage which means the rainwater during a storm will pool on your roof – leading to serious structural damage and if that water goes stagnant it can also lead to mold growing on your property.

If you are confident enough, you should climb a ladder and inspect your roof for any loose tiles or possible areas of weakness which could deteriorate further during a storm. The only way to truly be able to examine the roof is to get up there, so if you are not confident enough to undertake this yourself or you want to ensure your roof is as structurally safe as it can be, then use the services of a professional who can inspect your roof and advise on any areas of improvement.


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