Is your home ready for summer storms?

The summer months are here and although that does mean long hot sunny days, it can also mean heavy rain and thunder storms. Your roof goes through a lot during the winter months, seeing fluctuating temperatures and cold snaps; which can cause significant damage to the structure and its overall efficiency.

Alongside the temperature changes, the winter months can see debris such as leaves and twigs clog up your guttering system; preventing rain water from properly washing through the system. Whatever the cause might be, a failing roof can be catastrophic for your home or business and a very expense fix.

We’ve put together our top tips to help you examine your roof and make sure it is ready for those summer storms…

1) Check your gutters

Examine the downspouts to see if there are any granules being washed through, as this will be an indication that the asphalt on the roof is failing. Equally, you should check for any blockages which could cause problems further down the line.

2) Check your shingles 

As your roof ages, the asphalt can begin to deteriorate and your shingles can become loose. If you are able to climb up to your roof conduct a visual inspection to look for any that might have become loose or been damaged over the winter.

3) Check your interior

A clear sign that your roof is failing is water damage inside the home. Check your attic and walls for any signs of dampness.

Not sure what to look out for?
If you are not sure, or are not confident in climbing onto your roof, then call in our experienced team of professionals today to carry out an in-depth inspection of your property. Proactive checking now can help you to quickly fix any small issues before they become a major fault.


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